Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Sales Reached 78,000 Units in April

May 21,2020

According to the latest statistics, Dongfeng sold 78,000 units commercial vehicles in April this year, up by 28.3% year on year. Dongfeng Liuqi and Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., two subsidiaries of Dongfeng, produced over 9,000 units and 5,286 units vehicles in April respectively.

After the restoration of its production, Dongfeng quickly increased its daily production volume from 22 units to 650 units. On May 9, it recorded a daily production volume of 805 units commercial vehicles.

In addition, Dongfeng’s four heavy-duty truck models, including Tianlong KX, Tianlong KL, Tianjin KR, and Dongfeng Tianlong KC, all officially hit the market in April.

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