Dayun N8V Truck for Construction Wastes

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Technical Parameter
Model Dayun N8V 6×4 Truck for Construction Wastes
Driving Type 6×4
Wheelbase(mm) 3800+1350/4100+1350
Engine Model WP350/WP12.375E50
Transmission Model 12JSD200T-B+QH70
Tank Volume(L) 400L
Front Axle 7.5t
Rear Axle 16t
Tire 12.00R20
Product Details

With a fully sealed cargo tank, the vehicle effectively prevents any spillage or leakage. Dust and dirt has almost no place to stay on the surface of the vehicle, making cleaning of the vehicle less frequent.

Equipped with an upgraded monitoring system, the vehicle’s operation status and working environment are closely monitored. In addition, it has substantially improved its active and passive safety standards.

When driving in heavily polluted areas or under bad weather conditions, Dayun N8V truck can effectively prevent particulates from getting inside the driver’s cockpit. Moreover, it has brought the noise level inside the driver’s cockpit down to 70 dB thanks to its optimized sound insulation measures with its engine and less frictions between its tires and the road.


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