SAIC Hongyan GENPAW 4×2 Cargo Truck

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Technical Parameter
Model SAIC Hongyan GENPAW 4×2 Cargo Truck
Driving Type 4×2
Product Details

According to SAIC Hongyan, it has spent three years developing its latest intercity logistic vehicle, GENPAW. With a container measuring 9.8 meters in length at maximum, the vehicle has increased its space by 20%. In addition, by lowering its chassis and improving its resilience, the vehicle is able to mount a higher and larger container with more loading capacity.

With an ergonomic design, GENPAW’s cockpit measures 1,885 mm in width and 1,520 mm in height, providing much more spacious room for drivers.

Thanks to the latest high-pressure common rail system, the vehicle is able to generate an injection pressure of 180-200MPa (its counterparts can generate an injection pressure of less than 160MPa), achieving more exhaustive combustion. Operation data suggest that the vehicle’s fuel consumption can reach as low as 189g/kWh. For every, 100 kilometers, GENPAW uses 5-8% less fuels compared with its counterparts.

Equipped with 435 single driving axle


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