trucks>Sinotruk CDW W5 Tractor(CDW4250A15)

Sinotruk CDW W5 Tractor(CDW4250A15)

Technical Parameter
Model Sinotruk CDW W5 Tractor(CDW4250A15)
Curb Weight(kg) 8270
Max Speed(km/h) 100(km/h)
Wheelbase(mm) 3200+1350
Engine Model D10.38-50
Transmission Model HW19712CL
Cab T80
Brake System Dual circuit compressed air brake(Exhaust brake, Clutch booster, ABS)
Rear Axle MCY13T(4.11)
Tire 12R22.5-18PR
Double sleeper cabin, suspended structure, Central control door lock, remote control key, electric door window, air bag shock seat.
Man technology integrated frame, light weight, carrying capacity is strong, the surfaces of the frame bottom and electrophoretic coating process, corrosion resistance; high comfort
Dual circuit compressed air brake, ABS+ASR, safer and reliable brake.
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