Beiben NG80B 375PS 6X4 Tractor+Weichai Engine+FAST Transmission

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Technical Parameter
Model Beiben NG80B 375PS 6X4 Tractor(ND42507B32J)
Overall Dimensions(mm) 6800*2495*3365
Curb Weight(kg) 8,800
Payload Weight(kg) 40,000
Gross Weight(kg) 25,000
Driving Type 6X4
Max Speed(km/h) 110
Wheelbase(mm) 3200+1350mm
Engine Model WP12.375E40
Engine Max Power(kw) 276
Engine Max Torque(N.m) 1800N·m/1000-1400rpm
Transmission Model FAST 12JSD200TA
Tank Volume(L) 400
Tire 12R22.5
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