C&C U platform 8x4 Cryogenic liquid transport vehicle (LNG)

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Technical Parameter
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U platform 8x4 Cryogenic liquid transport vehicle (LNG)

suitable for the transport of liquefied natural gas, as well as other low temperature chemicals
Main features
1. Comfortable and good looking
(1)The appearance of the cabin is the most popular overall streamlined design with small angles and big rounded angles.
(2)Spacious driving space, extra-wide sleeper, ergonomic design, operation comfort. Full and warm air conditioning, electric lifting windows.
2.Safety and reliability
(1)The cab adopts cage structure, high strength and energy absorbing body. From the impact test, in line with the requirements of the European ECE-R29 regulations.
(2)The brake pressure reaches 10BAR, the brake distance is more shorter and more security
(3)Used disc brake, exhaust pipe located the front side, matching RSC electronic stability system, through the engine speed limited, fully meet the national hazardous goods transport requirements.
3.Fuel economy
(1) Engine


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