Foton’s Sales Volume Broke the 100,000 Unit Threshold in March

April 07,2021

According to the latest statistics, Foton managed to sell over 100,000 units vehicles with a total revenue of 12.9 billion RMB in March. This smashed the company’s previous record of monthly sales. Moreover, other business indicators from the company all grew fast.

In March, Foton’s sales of heavy-duty trucks, medium trucks, light trucks, mini-trucks, pickups, vans, new energy vehicles and overseas sales all delivered impressive performances. Auman trucks sold 20,630 units, up by 77.8% year on year; Ouhang Aumark sold 10,496 units, up by 93.5% year on year; Ollin’s sales volume reached 16,226 units, up by 67.7% year on year; Shidai grew by 45.7% year on year, reaching 44.685 units; Foton pickups sold 3,101 units, up by 79.4% year on year; Toano climbed by 33.4% year on year, reaching 5,871 units;

In total, Foton’s sales volume reached 101,166 units in March. From January to March, the company’s sales volume registered at 202,308 units. Among all players, Foton continued to rank the first place in terms of its market share.

Having been maintaining a robust growing momentum, Foton is expected to embrace a new historical moment with its total sales volume from its birth till now reaching ten million units in earlier April.

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