JAC Bangladesh Distribution Group Won President’s Industrial Dvpt Award

February 24,2021

Earlier this year, Bangladesh JAC Vehicle Distribution Group won President’s Industrial Development Award, which gives full recognition of the company’s significant contributions to the country’s industrial development.

Having been ranking the No.1 commercial vehicle brand for fourteen consecutive years, JAC has long become an indispensable part in many people’s lives in Bangladesh. JAC’s local production centers have also created many job opportunities for local people and become important source of tax income for local government.

My Truck, My Home

With more customized products for the engineering construction and logistic sectors, JAC has won major orders from ITD Construction Corporation and Dhaka Central Police Department. In addition, it has won orders from China Railway Group Limited, China Energy Engineering Group and China International Water & Electric Corp., etc., all of which have contracted construction projects in Bangladesh.

Since its entry into Bangladesh in 2007, JAC has sold its vehicles to over 14,200 customers in the country. With a market share of over 50%, it is fully committed to providing high-quality products with competitive prices to local customers. So far, it has established over 50 sales centers and 25 service centers across the country. In 2020 alone, JAC exported 786 units vehicles to Bangladesh, up by 45% year on year.

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