Dongfeng Hands Over Some 200 Trucks to Overseas Market

October 23,2020

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Dongfeng has been helping global partners to get through this crisis by supplying equipment and other critical supplies.

Myanmar Market: Recently, a brief cerenomy was held in the beautiful port city of Ruili to mark the deliver of 170 units of Dongfeng trucks to its customer from Myanmar. Of the vehicles delivered, 80 percent are Dongfeng KL tractors.

To ensure subsequent transport and customs declaration to be completed on time, Dongfeng marketing team has done a large amount of preparation. Meanwhile Myanmar CFT team kept working on line with local dealers to conduct products promotion, market research and after-sale trainning. By using pandemic as an opportunity, Dongfeng export orders have been seen rising to nearly 200 units.

Peru Market: In September, another 20 units of new orders from Peru were received thanks to their constant promotion on WhatsAPP and Facebook, the social media apps used by billions of people.

Besides, Dongfeng has constantly adapt and innovated to accelerate sales of its stock products during a regular weekly meeting with its distributor since March. An online marketing concept was also introducted to help its business succeed in Peru as it has done in China during the pandemic.

The world continues to face great challenge in fighting against the pandemic. Against such a background, Dongfeng will continue to shoulder its responsibility as a leading Chinese truck maker to help its global partners through the coronavirus pandemic and boost local economic development.

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