SINOTRUK Handover the Second Batch of Electric Autonomous Trucks to Tianjin Port

August 20,2020

Good news from SINOTRUK: it held handover of the second batch SINOTRUK autonomous T5G 6×4 electric trucks to Tianjin port.

Autonomous trucks produced by SINOTRUK have been successfully used for deliver goods for port, mining areas and confined industrial parks. It is capable of loading and unloading containers from ships, performing loading and unloading work of mining materials and ensuring accurate parking for autonomous bus in confined industrial parks.

SINOTRUK electric autonomous heavy-duty trucks are trucks that represent the highest level in the industry. Its featured technology heights include: accurate control sysstem, vehicle detection, pedestrian detection and complex decision. The vehicle can handle accurate parking, perform loading and unloading and response positivly to obstacles when moving the container from the shore to the container yeard without human intervention.

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