SAIC Hongyan Export Volume Reached 1,000 Units from January to June

July 17,2020

According to SAIC Hongyan, its export volume of heavy-duty trucks in the first half of this year exceeded 1,000 units. So far, it has maintained a growth rate of 100% in its export.

In June, SAIC Hongyan delivered over 200 special vehicles to Cambodia and 50 units trucks to Vietnam, marking a huge step forward for its expansion in the Southeast Asian market.

Thanks to the Big Data technologies, SAIC Hongyan is able to closely monitor over 500,000 units vehicles in operation in 40-plus countries and provide more timely and customized after-sales services to its global customers. In addition, it has rolled out heavy-duty trucks with more powerful air-conditioning systems to suit customers’ demands.

In addition, the company doubled its sales revenue when compared with that in the same period last year, reaching over nine billion RMB.

At Yangshan Port in Shanghai, an autonomous driving 5G-connected heavy-duty truck manufactured by SAIC Hongyan has been working smoothly, helping the port further improve its efficiency and cut operation costs.

According to SAIC Hongyan, it will strengthen its marketing efforts in Central Asian market.

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