Foton Delivers the First 15 Negative Pressure Ambulances to Uzbekistan

June 02,2020

On May 28, Foton delivered the first 15 negative pressure ambulances to Kazakhstan in batches to assist in fighting overseas epidemic.

As of now, COVID-19 cases in Uzbekistan has exceeded 3,000. The epidemic prevention and control is still urgent due to their current outbreak situation. Foton rushed out the first 15 ambulances in just five days when they learned of the serious shortage of negative pressure ambulance in Uzbekistan. To dramatically shorten the time on the way, 3 negative pressure ambulances will be transported by air and the rest 12 to be sent to Uzbekistan by train from Weifang, Shangdong province.

The New Coronavirus Pneumonia epidemic is a common challenge facing all mankind. It requires the cooperation of the international community and the joint response. The successful delivery of Foton ambulances to Uzbekistan demonstrates Foton's social responsibility, meanwhile it will help enhance Foton’s brand influence in Cental Asia and gain Foton more global presence.

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