Jiefang Exported 5,400 Units Engines to the Overseas Market

March 26,2020

As of March, 23, Jiefang exported 5,400 units engines to the overseas market, up by 15% compared with that in the same period last year. So far, vehicles equipped with Jiefang engines have made their way to 40-plus countries.

In Southeast Asia and Latin America, Jiefang Kangwei engines have been gaining a steadily rising reputation. In South Africa and Russia, Jiefang Aowei engines have also been enjoying unprecedented popularity.

Despite the continued the spread of COVID-19, Jiefang has been taking a host of measures to reduce the impact of the virus to the minimum to its business. For example, it has successfully developed Aowei engines powered by palm oil to suit the customers’ needs in Southeast Asia. In South Africa, Jiefang Aowei engine, with unparalleled durability and fuel economy further strengthens customers’ overall competitiveness. In Philippines, Jiefang successfully won 150 units 4DW generator units.

“What we care most is our customers’ needs and we will do everything we can to meet their demands”, said one employee from Jiefang. Early this year, by overcoming many difficulties in its logistics and supply chain, Jiefang successfully delivered a batch of 4DW93-95E4 engines to its customers in Vietnam.

By working closely with Jiefang Commercial Vehicle, the engine maker has also been strengthening its presence in the Middle East and Pakistan, etc.

Source : www.chinatrucks.com

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