JAC T8-EV Won the Recommended Model of New Energy Vehicle of "China Heart"

January 15,2020

The "China Heart" New Energy Vehicle Power System Competition Awards Ceremony came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai on December 3, 2019. The model named T8-EV won the recommended model of "China Heart" New Energy Vehicle in 2019, and represented JAC Motors to win the "2019 'China Heart' New Energy Vehicle Power System Technology Innovation Award".
JAC T8-EV Won the Recommended Model of New Energy Vehicle of JAC Pure Electric Driving System was Honored as New Energy Vehicle Power System Technology Innovation Award

JAC new energy pure electric system has been awarded for four consecutive years so far.

There were 11 kinds of power systems that had been shortlisted for car testing this year and the competition was fiercer than last year. JAC New Energy Commercial Vehicles stands out with its excellent power system.

As the current authoritative award in the field of new energy vehicles in China, the "China Heart" new energy vehicle power system competition has been successfully held four times, and it is the only competition of the new energy vehicle power system selection in China.

JAC T8-EV Won the Recommended Model of New Energy Vehicle of The Awarding Ceremony

"China Heart" Certification JAC Motors Technology Innovation Award

After multiple rounds of review, selection and actual vehicle testing, T8-EV, JAC new energy commercial vehicle, has been highly recognized by professional judges for its technical innovation in electric motors, and has successfully won the "Technical Innovation Award".

JAC T8-EV Won the Recommended Model of New Energy Vehicle of JAC Engineers Explained to the Judges the New Energy Power System Equipped in the T8-EV Pickup Truck.

The judges’ point of view: Permanent magnet synchronous motor uses 48-slot distributed double-layer winding of stator, 8-pole 48-slot optimal cogging, rotor slant pole and auxiliary slot design technology, reducing cogging torque, making NHV performance better than the electric motors of equivalent power.

2019 New Energy Vehicle Power System Selection Real Car Test Site

Reason for winning: The motor body of T8-EV adopts a spiral structured water channel, and also adopts magnetic density, strength, and lightweight multi-maintenance optimization design. The motor has a peak power of 110kW, a peak torque of 330N ? m, and a peak speed of 11000rpm. The effective specific power reaches 3.28kW / kg. The 0.27mm silicon steel sheet with high magnetic induction and low iron loss is used to reduce the eddy current and iron loss of the motor, thereby improving the efficiency of the motor to reach the highest efficiency of 96.5%.

The T8-EV model equipped with this motor has also successfully won the "China Heart" 2019 New Energy Vehicle Recommended Model. This is based on the strict and fair selection criteria, through comprehensive testing of five major items such as vehicle performance, battery motor performance, technological advancement, market performance, and on-site evaluation to comprehensively evaluate the consumer recommendations.

JAC T8-EV Won the Recommended Model of New Energy Vehicle of The Batch Delivery of JAC Pure Electric Pick-ups

As a pure electric logistics pickup, JAC T8-EV has passenger-class configuration, equipped with optional reversing image, gradual descent, ECO, creep, four-door one-button lifting of the vehicle, and automatic folding of rear view mirror with SUV chassis. It is worth mentioning that the charging speed can be charged to 80% of SOC in 1.5 hours. It has a wide range of applications, such as power grids, municipal administration, construction engineering, highway maintenance, and port factories.

T8-EV pure electric pickup is the first pickup of JAC new energy focusing on the logistics industry, which reflects the exploration, innovation and achievements of JAC Motors in the field of new energy vehicles. In the future, JAC Motors will not change its original intention and fully implement it. The core values of "customer respecting, quality-oriented, practical and realistic" will bring more outstanding products to consumers.

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