China First Test License for Self-driving Truck Was Issued to SHACMAN X600

January 10,2020

Do you know? China's first self-driving truck test license on roads was issued to SHACMAN new generation of high-end heavy truck X6000 tractor!
China First Test License for Self-driving Truck Was Issued to SHACMAN X600

China Central Television(CCTV)

China first test license for self-driving truck on road was issued to SHACMAN X600 in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

As an important part of ICV (Intelligent Connected Vehicle), self-driving technology has become a key research direction of future products andtechnologies, and also an important technical support to ensure the leading of ICV technology and the realization of "2035 strategy".

In recent years, SHACMAN adheres to the independent research of core technology, sets up a professional intelligent connected innovation team, builds a perfect intelligent connected technology framework, deeply research on solutions for automatic driving products based on the market segment, and has made breakthroughs in the development of core technology and automatic driving products.

China First Test License for Self-driving Truck Was Issued to SHACMAN X600

In response to the demand for safe and efficient vehicle driving in the high-speed logistics market, SHACMAN have completed the development of various ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance) products such as ACC ( Adaptive Cruise Control), LKA (Lane Keeping Assistance) and AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking), and mastered the vehicle horizontal and vertical control, which achieved mass production on X6000 platform products, and leading in realize Level 2 automatic driving in heavy truck industry.

China First Test License for Self-driving Truck Was Issued to SHACMAN X600

Focusing on the higher level of automatic driving technology, SHACMAN focuses on the research and development of Level 3 expressway automatic driving and Level 4 closed scene automatic driving. Through continuous development and testing, SHACMAN has completed the development of X6000 port traction automatic driving vehicles, which has realized the functions of full automatic driving in port scene, expressway automatic driving, platoon driving, etc., and obtained the first road self-driving truck test license issued by China. Up to now, tens of thousands of kilometers of road test has been completed and entered the stage of mass production. In addition, driverless pure electric offset cab tractor and AGV intelligent flatbed trailer have been tested and verified in Tianjin and Guangzhou related ports.

SHACMAN adheres to the guidance of customer demand, and will continue to carry out automatic driving technology innovation and product research and development based on future intelligent transportation system. SHACMAN will continue to create value for customers and achieve the leading intelligent network technology industry through the landing of products in various market segments.

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