SANY Heavy-duty Truck Exported to Kuwait for Operation

January 02,2020

On December 29, 40 units heavy-duty trucks manufactured by SANY Heavy-duty Truck gathered at SANY Industrial City East Area, ready for their shipping to Kuwait. The export of this batch of trucks also marks a new milestone for SANY Heavy-duty Truck as it has made its first substaintial step forward in its internationalization process. The rest 460 units will soon be delivered to its customer in Kuwait.

In November, 2018, SANY heavy-duty trucks were officially put on display at Shanghai BMW International Engineering & Machinery Exhibition, arousing keen interest among the public. A customer named Eid Al-Owaid from Kuwait, placed an order of 500 units SANY heavy-duty trucks.

SANY Heavy-duty Truck Exported to Kuwait for Operation

Equipped with Weichai WP13 engine with 500 horsepower, FAST 16JSDX240T manually controlled 16-speed transmission gearbox and HANDE front & rear axles, the truck is able to load 100 tons of goods.

Adopting 12,00R24 tires, the truck is readily adaptable to various demanding working conditions.

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