Dongfeng Brings Concept Vehicles to China Commercial Vehicles Show 2019

November 05,2019

From November 1 to 4, 2019 China Commercial Vehicles Show, with the theme of "Intelligent Drive, Green Development", was held in Wuhan International Expo Center. The auto show became the premium platform for many commercial vehicle manufacturers to showcase their intelligent and environmentally friendly commercial vehicles with National VI Emission Standards.

Dongfeng KL and KR Concept Vehicles

Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. (DFAC), brought its Sharing Box, a driverless intelligent logistics platform, and new Dongfeng Captain, Dongfeng Fureika, Dongfeng Tuyi, Dongfeng Yufeng and Dongfeng Captain EV350 new energy vehicles on display.

The new generation of Dongfeng KR concept vehicle adopts a new concept cab, an electric driveline, an integrated mask bumper, an attractively streamlined front appearance, and a new intelligent rearview mirror with less airflow resistance and turbulence, and thus can reduce power consumption. The new truck’s cab is equipped with a water dispenser and a refrigerator. Compared with the traditional motor + transmission shaft mode, the truck’s wheel hub motor boasts a higher efficiency and lighter self-weight, helping the vehicle achieve single-lane automatic driving and single-lane fleet queue driving (SAE Level 3) on highways. In addition, it is able to realize super cruise and multi-fleet line driving on highways, effectively preventing accidents caused by driver faulty operations.

At the exhibition, Dongfeng B19 Captain light truck officially made its debut. Built on the success of Dongfeng light truck B07, B19 Captain can be divided into Dongfeng Captain, Dongfeng Dolika and Dongfeng Furuika. A number of travel amenities, including LCD instruments, 10-inch MP5, multi-functional steering wheel fully caters to truck drivers’ growing demands. In addition, the upgraded B19 has made further improvements in power performances, fuel economy, reliability, active and passive safety standards. By adopting a more powerful engine, improving an optimized transmission gearbox’ speed ratio, the new vehicle is an ideal choice for truck operators.

Dongfeng light truck EV350, a new fist product of DFAC for the new energy logistics market, boasts the highest cumulative sales volume and the highest market share in the industry. From January to September, 2019, DFAC’s sales volume of new energy vehicles reached 13,429 units, experiencing an increase of 10% over the same period last year.

According to DFAC, it is expected to launch a new generation of electric light truck models in 2020.

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