FAW Jiefang Shines at China Commercial Vehicles Show in Wuhan

November 04,2019

On November 1, 2019 China Commercial Vehicles Show in Wuhan, with the theme of "Intelligent Drive and Green Development", officially kicked off. FAW Jiefang, as one of the leading brands of Chinese commercial vehicles, brought its latest intelligent products on display, showcasing its impressive achievements in the intelligent vehicle industry.
Jiefang J7 Intelligent Truck

At the exhibition, visitors can find Jiefang J7 intelligent truck, new J6P pilot version 2.0 truck, new J6P LNG truck, Dragon VH2.0 cargo truck, four units sanitation trucks (cleaning truck, carriage removable garbage truck, compressed garbage truck and kitchen garbage truck).

On April 13, 2017, FAW Jiefang officially launched its technology development strategy named "Zhitu". On April 18, 2018, its L4 intelligent truck particularly designed for transportation at ports made its debut. On October 27, 2018, it released its brand new eco-colombo. On September 6, 2019, it rolled out the world's first L2 mass-produced intelligent commercial vehicle.

Dragon VH 2.0 Cargo Truck

In the dynamic exhibition area outside the exhibition halls, FAW Jiefang also presented its driverless sanitation vehicle. Built on the huge success of J6F, the vehicle has further optimized its power system and adopted its lightweight design, which help it achieve higher energy efficiency. With wide-body cab design, it generates little noise and light vibrations and offers more travel comforts. In addition, its vehicle controller and intelligent control system, independently developed by FAW Jiefang, enable the vehicle to realize automatic cleaning, automatic sprinkling, automatic dumping of garbage, intelligent power recharge and water replenishment.

The new J6P LNG truck is equipped with CA6SM3 440 horsepower engine, which adopts closed-loop combustion self-adaptive technology. The four electric sanitation trucks achieve high reliability, intelligent control and zero emission.

Driverless Sanitation Vehicle

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