Yuchai Engines Serves at the Grand Celebration for China's 70th Anniversary

October 11,2019

On October 1, at the grand military and mass parade to mark China’s 70th founding anniversary, 21 units double-deckers served as the carriers for dozens of heroes after China’s liberation. According to sources, all these double-deckers are equipped with Yuchai engines with large horsepower.
Yuchai Engines in Service at Grand Celebration for China's 70th anniversary

Also on dozens of floats representing different provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau SARs, Yuchai engines could be found.

To ensure the smooth operation of all engines during the parade, the engine maker sent a special service team in late August to provide more timely after-sales services for customers in Beijing.

According to Yuchai, over 4,700 units buses and trucks in the capital city alone are equipped with Yuchai engines.

Source : www.chinatrucks.com

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