Foton Reveals New Products in Honduras

September 05,2019

On August 29, Foton held a press conference, officially revealing three new products in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, including Foton Auman EST-M truck, Aumark S light truck, and TM mini-truck. Nearly 200 local customers and journalists attended the conference and 15 units Foton trucks were ordered in just one day.
Foton Reveals New Products in Honduras

As the industrial and economic center of Honduras, San Pedro Sula is home to many truck operators. The press conference gave Foton a rare opportunity to showcase its formidable strengths in truck manufacturing industry.

Mr. Camilo Kafati, the 78 year old founder of IMVESA, Foton’s distributor in Honduras, alos attended the conference, saying his company will work closely with Foton to bring greener and faster logistic solutions for local customers.

Foton Reveals New Products in Honduras

Rudy Lopez, General Manager of Cummins Central America, also attended Foton’s press conference as a honorary guest. He shared with customers about the strengths of Aumark S series trucks equipped with Cummins engines, saying his company is committed to providing superb after-sales services for customers in Honduras.

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