Scania Expands Its Presence to Northeast China

April 01,2019

On March 27, Scania, the world’s leading supplier of sustainable transportation solutions, officially signed a cooperation agreement with Ouhao Automobile Sales & Service (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Ouhao) According to the agreement, Ouhao is the first distributor for Scania in Northeast China.
Scania Expands Its Presence to Northeast China

On the same day, Ouhao delivered the latest Scania trucks to Shenyang Tongmiao Brothers Logistic Co., Ltd.

So far, Scania has set up cooperative ties with 16 distributors with nearly 40 service stations across China.

“We are extremely pleased to join Scania’s sales network in China. Through working more closely with Scania, we hope to bring more added value to our customers,” said Wu Xiaoliang, Deputy Director of Ouhao’s Marketing Department.

“We have full confidence in the continued prosperity of China’s logistic market. By strengthening our marketing efforts, we hope to provide more customized products and higher quality services for our customers in China,” said Jens Hennig, Director of Scania China Service & Spare Parts.

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