Hande Axles Secures 2000 Sets Order from Southeast Asia

July 18,2014

www.chinatrucks.com: Hande Axle made breakthrough in Southeast Asia as they were ordered 2000 sets axles and they entered the customers supply chains formally, according to the news on July 16, 2014. Half of the orders have been delivered and Hande Axle will supply for the rest according to customers’ needs.

It is always Hande Axle’s strategy to lead in China and the whole world on technology and sales revenues reaching 10 billion Yuan as soon as possible. Hande Axle is entering international markets since the overseas department was found and they are competing with international brands and their brands are getting popular as time goes by.

The client is rather famous in Southeast Asia even the international commercial markets and the cooperation will firmly support Hande’s presence in the region and laid solid foundation in the international markets.

Source : www.chinatrucks.com

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