Youngman to Deliver the Year’s Second Order to Malaysia

September 25,2013 On September 23, 12 Youngman tractors standing in a line are waiting for final examination in order to ship to Malaysia. The tractors painted in white are especially eye-catching against the blue sky in this beautiful autumn. This is the second batch of products delivered to Malaysia this year.

Youngman truck to be exported to Malaysia

Youngman trucks to be exported to Malaysia

The order represents Youngman’s another stride in international market after the one to Algeria in the third quarter of 2013. The order contains 5 JNP4250FD16Y and 7 JNP4250FD19Y semi-tractors which are all right-hand drive, meeting for the driving habit in Malaysia market.

The constant orders one after another prove the high quality of Youngman trucks and represent the recognition from users at home and abroad. It is believed that Youngman will explore a broad road in the heavy duty truck industry by persisting in high quality, providing instant and effective service and upholding the target of always meeting customers’ demands.

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