Youngman Truck Holds Commercial Vehicle Meeting in Ningxia City

March 20,2013 On March 15th, Youngman Truck held its 2013 Commercial Vehicle Meeting in Shizui Mountain in Ningxia City. More than 100 dealers and service providers were invited to come to join the grand meeting. In the meeting, Youngman Truck showed its series of truck models.


Youngman truck

It is learned that at present, all the Youngman trucks are equipped with diesel engines or natural gas power system. And their motor covers among 380-410 horsepower. Besides, the Youngman mining dumper trucks have their own high performance in the lightweight, high load capacity and low oil consumption. 

Youngman truck


In order to response to the National IV Emissions Implementation, Youngman Truck has already been prepared for it. In 2013, Youngman Trucks targets for selling 3,000 units, among them, the dumper trucks are 2,000 units.



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