Voith retarder becomes “the retarder” of 2010

June 02,2010

(chinatrucks.com, June 2, 2010) Voith retarder becomes “the retarder” of 2010, which has proved that the operators of commercial vehicle and drivers have great belief in Voith retarder. Voith retarder represents security, economy, and driving comfort. The drivers do not to brake and switch frequently. It has been proved that the switch rate has been reduced 36% when adopted this retarder. Besides that, the average speed will be raised and fuel consumption will be reduced.

Voith retarder is the zero wear consecutive retarder of truck and bus. The retarded machine will help reduce 80% braking ashes emission. Voith has produced more than 575,000 retarders since 1963.    

Source : www.chinatrucks.com

Editor : Man Chun

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